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Selling your old truck on your own is a project, full of paperwork and meetings with prospective buyers that you just don’t have time for! This isn’t your only option, however. Selling your truck can be quick and easy when you sell to us at Truck Village in Lebanon, PA! We take the stress and hassle out of the process, so that you can simply sell your old vehicle and choose whether you’d prefer the cash value or a new truck!

Selling Vehicles to Truck Village

Our team at Truck Village is trained and experienced in the process of buying used cars, making it a breeze for you. All you have to worry about are a few simple steps.


To give you the best and most accurate deal for your vehicle, we need some basic information from you, such as the make, model, and year of your truck, and its history. You can use our easy online form to provide us with this information without leaving the comfort of your home, or you can visit us in person for an appraisal as well!

Ready for a Change of Pace?

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Value Options

When you sell us your truck, you’re not stuck trading in your vehicle for a different one off of our lot. You can choose to either walk away with the cash value of your vehicle, or you can pick out something new. The decision is completely up to you and won’t affect the number we give you for the value of your truck!

On-Site Visit

Once you’re ready to sell your vehicle, you can bring it to the dealership in person. One of our team members will give it a quick review, and you’ll be ready to either head home with direct payment or start looking for a new truck!

How We Value Your Truck

We always strive to give our customers the best deal we can on their vehicles based on current market conditions and the information provided by you. Here are some of the things we take into account!


We’ll take a look at your vehicle with an eye out for normal wear and tear, damage from any accidents, and things that need repairing. If your vehicle has a few dings, don’t stress! We still consider trucks that need repairs before they’re ready for us to sell.


We’ll want to know the trim level of your vehicle, any feature packages that you have, and any upgrade options that have been installed. These are things that can sweeten the deal and increase your truck’s value, so make sure you include these details!


Our team members will need to know both your vehicle’s service history and accident history. If you have any important documentation like accident reports, now is the time to bring it out so that we know what your vehicle has been through over time!


One of the last steps in the appraisal process is for us to take your vehicle for a quick drive test. We’ll make sure that things like the braking and steering are in good condition, and then we’re ready to proceed!

What to Bring

There are a few important things to make sure you have before you head to the dealership to sell us your vehicle. Here’s what you need!

Keys and Remotes

Make sure you have all of the keys to the vehicle and the original vehicle remotes if you have them.

Valid State-Issued Photo ID

Every titleholder of the vehicle needs to provide a state-issued ID. A driver’s license is the best option, just make sure it’s not expired!

Vehicle Title

Make sure you bring your vehicle’s title or payoff information to your appointment. If there are multiple titleholders for the vehicle, they should all be present at the dealership.

Vehicle Registration

We’ll need an up-to-date and valid vehicle registration to confirm ownership of the vehicle, so double check that you have it before you leave!

With a few simple steps and a handful of important items, you can sell your vehicle quickly and easily to Truck Village in Lebanon, PA. If you’re interested in selling your vehicle but have more questions, you can always contact our team online or by phone. We’ll be happy to help you!

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